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Fly For The Cure is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of cancer sufferers and survivors whilst spreading the message to the general public on the need for cancer awareness and screening.

In order to achieve this, we offer and advertise several programs to provide services and generate fundraising, including the following:

  • LET'S GO FLY! - We Offer Cancer sufferers and survivors the opportunity to experience a free flight on our historic passenger configured "Fly For The Cure" aircraft from different locations around the country. Some of those flights offered may also include expense paid round trips to various destinations across the U.S.A. Our mission in this respect is to boost moral and uplift the spirits of as many courageous people as possible.

  • SCREENING SAVES LIVES! - While conducting flight operations around the U.S.A and helping people through our LET'S GO FLY service we are attracting significant media attention and, with the assistance of the media and any other outlets available, we are actively and vigorously promoting Cancer Awareness and the importance of the need for individuals to have recommended routine Cancer Screening Tests conducted in order to aid early detection and, ultimately increase the chance of being cured and survival.

  • LET'S PAY YOUR BILL! - When individuals go to have recommended routine Cancer Screening Tests conducted that are not covered by insurance or, do not have insurance, then we will pay the bills for those individuals. Note: Payments will be based upon funds permitting and will be determined by allocating a budget of 10% of all "Fly For The Cure's" donations received.

  • LEND A HAND! - We offer our aircraft support to other cancer foundations, hospitals, research centers and cancer related charities on a time and funds permitting basis.

  • SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! - Please help us support our mission and objectives by making a donation and or volunteer to become a "Fly For The Cure" fundraiser, we need your help.

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